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My buddy got one, an XD in 9mm. He had to get the 9mm size due to he is a private investigator and they are limited to what they can carry. So anyway he loves his and this is coming from a hard core Glock guy. Before PI he carried a Glock 21 for years. He likes the XD better for several reasons. He was telling me that the grip is much more like a 1911 and with the grip safety on it as well, he likes the light rail option and the new round check feature. He told me he already has 1,500 rounds through it and I have no doubt that he is closer to 2,500 by now through the gun with not a problem one. The pkg he got was the XD, with 3 clips, and what I consider a cheesy holster for $490.00 or $495.00 can't remember from his FFL in Florida! My guy here in Missouri has that same pkg for $430.00.

I hope this helps! :D
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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