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I have an XD-9 subcompact.

Nice price, mine was $120 less than a glock 26 at the same gun show.
Super ergonomics. It just locks itself into your hand and refuses to squirm around, unlike some guns. Even shooting outdoors in 90 degree weather.
Mine has been 100% reliable so far.
Very shootable. The gun just inspires confidence, despite the trigger.
Uses Sig sights, which are common and dovetailed in.
Good takedown system, it uses a TD lever.
Light rail even on the subcompact.
Nice deals on magazines from SA, for my subcompact I can get 15 rounders with a grip adapter.

Mine has too much overtravel in the trigger. This may be fixable, but only for a price of a trigger job, and IMHO the trigger should not have this much overtravel in it.
The finish on the black slide models is apparently rust prone. Mine hasn't, but I'm old school about oil.
It is kind of boxy, like having a piece of 2x4 in your belt.

Overall, one of a couple of guns that I have owned that I felt were exceptional examples of good design.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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