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Originally posted by FirearmsPlus.FL:
Yeah, but, that's the joke, JMB didn't design the 1911, the military specified changes. He may have designed the single swinging link, but the grip safety, hammer & other things that make the 1911 what we recognize, aren't his idea.
Same with the hi-power, the important, revolutionary part (the browning lock up system) was his, and is in quite a few guns. But, he didn't make it as a double stack with a hammer.
I believe he was quoted as saying hammer's were useless, but I have no quote reference...

Sad to say, if JMB were alive today, he'd probably have designed the Glock :)

So, SA doesn't build the gun like JMB wanted it, anymore than Colt does.
. I stand corrected, I did notice when I was in your store the other day at least you had 1 Springfield in your case. A compact I believe! Lots of Glocks.

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