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AR 10 or Springfield M1A??

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Just sold my Bushmaster M-4. Did'nt care for the .223, since I'd like to use it for white tail deer, didn't like the mini comp. Y break. But now I miss having a nice autoloading rifle. Thinking about something in .308 Any suggestions on either the Armalite AR-10 vs. the Springfield M1A? both about the same price, so it's a matter of wood or plastic!
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I have had a couple models of each rifle, and overall I like the design, versatility, ergonomics and accuracy of the AR10 better.
The only downsides of the AR10 are that it is more finicky with military surplus ammo and the hicap mags are more expensive (minium of $55 or so as opposed to $32 for M14 mags...both of those assuming you buy used USGI mags from Cole Distributing for $32 each shipped, and in the case of the AR10 have Armalite convert them for $20 each+shipping).
The M1A is a nice rifle, but it is complicated to disassemble and reassemble compared to the AR system, it requires special grease for lubrication, and I never could get used to the lack of a pistol grip.
On the plus side, you can have a flash supressor even on a postban M1A due to the lack of a pistol grip.
Really your call, I can only tell you the decision I made...I still have an AR10 carbine, don't have any M1As.

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Let me preface the following by stating that despite shooting and competing with major caliber(.308) rifles I do not own an AR 10. The reliability and accuracy of the M1A are hard to beat. Note that the Navy SEALS who have access to anything, still heavily use the M14, in particular because of it's reliabilty even when wet. Two of it's best features are the simply outstanding trigger and sights. The same cannot be said for the FAL or HK 91.
Fieldsripping is quite simple, neither the manual nor experience have found any special lubricant is needed. I have always used whatever I can get free at trade shows and matches. I believe that the AR rifles are currently the epitome of rifles. But aside from ergonomics and modularity in .308 the M1A/M14 series is not that far behind. The Scout and White Feather models are excellent evolutions of a time and battle proven system, the scout has become my 3 Gun rifle of choice. I do not like the idea of having to modify magazine as is neccesary for the AR 10. However if we had no mag ban this would be moot. Last but certainly not least, it's great to be able to keep the flash suppressor. One trip to the range at dusk will easily verify it's importance.

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Im With Rik here

The AR 10, SR 25 bedding does not go bad or loosen with time. Bipod attached anywhere on the floating forarm and with pressure I might add does not change point of impact.

Take the gun appart and clean and reassemble and POI is maintained, the bedding does not degenerate, the first shot will not need the action to seat in......
AR's can have Awesome triggers and shoot 1/2 moa.

Wile the Top 4k M1a's can also, I would bet on the AR 10 after 3k rounds through the gun.
Scope mounting is more secure and cheaper with the AR (the white feather mount is indeed KooL!)

I have and Like both, And both shoot very well indeed. If I had to choose one it would be the SR 25.
geo ><>

Wile were on it, who's comp do you guys like on a 308?
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