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I'll third or fourth the sentiment that they (Baers) are fine. Baer chambers are tight, and fouling buildup will eventually affect feeding - especially if you are shooting lead reloads.

I had the same problem with my Wilson KZ-45 after 700+ rounds w/no cleaning. After shooting a bunch of various factory ball and JHP ammo (240 rds), I shot 50-rds. of 200-gr. LSWC reloads shootist87122 had given me to try out. Immediately afterwards, the slide failed to fully chamber the 1st round from the magazine; needing a slight nudge from the thumb. The gun functioned perfectly for the remaining rounds in the magazine. I tolerated this FTF routine for the three more magazines I had loaded, then swabbed out the gunk when I reloaded the mags. Functioning returned to normal (perfect.)

When doing these marathon training-cum-plinking fests, lock the slide open and clean the breech face, feed ramp, and chamber during a lull in the round count frenzy. All you need are a few patches soaked with Break Free and your little finger. Works for me.

"Shooting for practice means nothing. Perfect practice means everything."
1 - 1 of 45 Posts
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