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are the gunsmiths here willing to work on a sistema colt?

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just wondering. in all truthfulness i think i should have bought a more modern weapon, but it was just so nice. its a piece of history(and of course im going to screw with it...).
anyway im wanting to do some accuracy and reliability things to it. also ergonomic things like thumb safety and bevel jobs.
is this fesable, or should i just get another weapon?
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Been there; done that. If a gunsmith has had considerable experience working on the pre-series 70 and post 1911 pistols, things can be done with only a little more inconvenience than on a modern pistol. And, it will make a beakutifil example of production from Colt's halcyon days of pistol production as well as a top grade shooter in the hands of an old timer who likes the feel of the older pistols.
It is a bit difficult to get authentic parts of some configuration, but my parts drawers are deep and they go way back.
Actually, I love the old Systemas, and they make good shooters. I don't think you made a mistake at all.

Don Williams www.theactionworks.com www.pickagripcom
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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