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Are the McCormick rosewood grips REALLY red?

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The picture that CDNN has is a bright red. http://www.cdnninvestments.com/woodwaldoubd.html
Are they that much brighter than other rosewood grips? Shouldn't all rosewood grips look like rosewood to some degree?
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Stormy, Rosewood varies greatly in color, depending on it's country of origin, and various environmental factors. Actually, there are a variety of rosewoods, some of which we know by other names. For instance, tulipwood, cocobolo and cordia are all varieties of rosewood. Madagascar rosewood is the reddest I've seen (dark wine red), and the Honduras rosewood, which is very common, varies from light to darker brown.

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I bought two sets of McCormick grips from Brownells, and would decribe the color of both sets as deep orange. Not attractive at all, in my opinion. I associate a dark burgundy color with "rosewood". A set of Ajax rosewoods that I bought recently is a fairly bright yellow with darker brown streaks in it. A furniture-maker friend says a large number of the woods used to make handgun grips are nominally "rosewood", but they vary a lot in color and grain, depending on the variety.

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The Colt XS guns all have the CMC rosewood DD checkered grips. They are all very red with hints of dark black grain running the length of the grips. On a stainless gun they look great, however, I would personally look for a darker burgandy colored rosewood for a blue gun. Just my opinion.
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