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Are tritium viles in night sights user-replaceable?

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Does anyone sell just the tritium tubes?
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To my knowledge that is a controlled item (DOE) that you have to let Trijicon, IWI or someone like that do for you.

I could be wrong about that, but I've never seen 'em available.
What if I promise I would wear my Level XXIV EMP/BIO/CHEM/RAD shielded Enviro-suit?

Could I buy them then?

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No! If you buy enough of them you migh just make a nuclear toaster or some other evil device.

I never understood why such a small thing is that big of a deal. It's not like we are talking about Plutonium or anything.
When these first became known for use in sights (at least to civvies), I talked to a producer in South Africa, who told me that at 30 milliCuries (or is it microCuries), you could sprinkle these on your cereal with no ill effect (not saying I believe that 100%). But you have to be licensed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to have them "bare", not glued into something. Trijicon told me at about the same time the the Gov was worried about people making fishing lures out of them....? Among other things I suppose.
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