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Good day Guys;
Well the sponsors are now in place for 2002 and we still have a few to come.If your a good shot we would like to talk to you about shooting for us. Our team name is Team Bo-Mar
and our sponsors are listed below.
Chrony,Bo-Mar,Dillon,Sam Custom Leather just to name a few.
while most events do not support team efforts we still send our team members to shoot as single team sponsors.Soooooooo if you think you are up to the test lets have a talk and get you on a winning team with winning sponsorship.
Please use the admin link on our site to send us your shooting skills and scores if you have them. All emails are private and will NOT be open to the public.
Make sure that the link to this site makes it on our board.Great site and we want to keep the effort going. http://www.1911village.com/phpBB


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