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Argentine Military Hi-Power

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Snagged an Argentine Military Contract HP today. Complete with Landyard ring and three magazines serialized to the pistol. Price was VERY good. Can any of you give me any information on this pistol. I know they are made under FN license. Quality seems typical FN/Browning. You're comments are solicited.

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My brother had one a few years ago and I got to spend time with it. It was loose as a goose when shook and had the ugly black paint instead of the nice FN blueing. But this aside it was one hell of a shooter! The trigger was great and it was dead accurate for surplus. In fact it was so good that our friend, after shooting it, traded my brother his $2000 Honda ATV for it.
My brother paid something like $250 for it in '93.

It is true about the FN license that was given to FM; you do have a real one.
You made a good choice on a gun that will out last us both!
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