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Armor series?

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Was just checking out Rock Islands website and ran across the Armor Series. "Baked in finish that provides dry lubrication that eliminates oil and grease." Any real world thoughts on this? Being a mechanic my whole career leads me to question this. If it in fact works as stated, will it last?
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The Armor Series? Something new from them?

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That idea reminds me of that sis 1911.
The gun was just slippery, about impossible to pull the slide back, designed with lots of input from professionals? So far. Not a fan of slick coatings on a 1911.
And think it’s a bad idea.
Keep in mind this is not a new or experimental coating, it is normally only offered on high end 1911s. Staccatos have this finish. Nighthawk also uses this coating.
Kinda looks like RIA is getting into the Melonite/Armornite game. Probably the same thing they do with their STK 100 and RIA 5.0 slides.

I would wager it feels and operates like an M&P or Glock slide. So unlike a parkerized 1911 you won't need to wipe the exterior down with an oily rag now and then. I would still suggest lubing the inside contact/wear points per usual.

It's a shame they only put that finish on 22 TCM pistols from the look of it.
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