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Armory Gun Co. 12 gauge Shot gun

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I need Help! I have a rather old shot gun that was my grandfathers. The only markings on it is " Armory Gun Co. "
It looks like a 12 gauge or maybe even a 10 gauge. I am trying to find out when it might have been made and just any info that I can find.
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I found no mention of Armory Gun Co. at all in the "GunTrader's Guide". However, after a quick google search, I found a post on another forum about a "Armory Gun Co shotgun" that the owner wanted to replace the stock and forearm. A reply from DB, Gun Parts Corporation said that that name was used by Crescent Arms. Once again, no reference made in the "Gun Trader's Guide".
Apparantly, these companies, along with Rodgers Arms, were all owned by a parent company named H&D Folsom Arms.
From what little bit I was able to gather, these were relatively cheap guns sold in hardware stores etc. I know this does not really answer your questions but, what I was able to come up with might give you something to work with.

There is an article titled "Grandpa's Shotgun" in the December American Rifleman. You are an NRA member, aren't you?
Taylor doesn't include Armory in his Crescent-Davis-Folsom list but it is likely one of theirs or a competitor's. As he says "...not to say Grandpa's Nitro Hunter doesn't have great sentimental value, but in dollars and cents to a collector... they are of little value."
Dear sparky, You might try posting at www.shotgunsports.com and someone there might either help you or point you in the right direction. I'd also suggest a visit to www.shotgunreport.com where Bruce Buck might be able to help. Good luck with your hunt. Stay safe, Gary

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Good Grief!!! Don't go the Shotgunreport and ask Bruce about "Old" guns. He gets verry snippy. He "doesn't do old guns"!

You might try www.gunshop.com and go to the bulletin board and ask. they seem to know more about "OLD" guns, especially doubles. they can get snooty at times however.
Okay!! Thanks everyone for your help!
And Yes I am a NRA Member along with a member of the I.D.P.A.
My wife and my son are also NRA members.

Thanks again
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I do realize that this is a very, VERY old thread. However, I, too, have an Armory Gun Company 12-gauge shotgun that was bought by my father when he was about 12 years old. It was purchased in or about Converse, IN and, I have no doubt it was bought from a local hardware store. Sadly, my father died a week after my 7th birthday. So, I don't have any real detail about the purchase and its early history.

What I do know is that, when my family moved from Indiana to Florida when I was 12 years old, all the guns that my mom and step-dad had were either sold or given away to family members.

After my marriage, my new bride and I made a trip to Indiana and one of my uncles handed me the shotgun that belonged to my father. It's been in my possession ever since.

I deeply regret that it was neglected for many, many years. Mostly, due to not having time or location to do much shooting. The last time it was shot, I got the rabbit I was aiming for while he was on the run. That was a very long time ago.

The gun is easily disassembled for cleaning. And, if the stock is detached, it reveals some numbers that match between the barrel and the stock. So far, these numbers and the Armory Gun Co logo are the only things that identify it at all.

Image below...

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