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Attempted shooting at my local Supermarket

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Hi Everybody,

Just thought I'd share a disturbing incident that happened at the grocery store that my parents shop at (Portland Maine Shop N Save). The power went out in the store and the clerks told this man that he could not get his bottle deposit money until the power came back on, because the drawer will not open with no power. Well, the guy pulls out a gun and fires one shot at the clerk, which missed, and then tried two more times to shoot but the gun was jammed. I apologize for not having more details,but the news story was very brief. Bystanders wrestled the gun away from the guy and subdued him. Nice to hear that once in awhile

Anyway, one more reason for us law abiding people to carry--not every scumbag's gun jams.

BTW, this guy was a convicted felon. BUT he still got a gun. Boy doesn't gun control really work well?!?!?

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We'll have to wait and see if the press mentions the fact that a felon didn't seem to have any problem getting a gun, despite all the new gun laws targeted at preventing incidents like this one.
Don't hold your breath Traevin!
If anything, it will cause a cry for more gun laws, after all, if a nut can get s gun, we need more laws.
For reasons just like this, we should encourage law abiding citizens who wish to own guns to own quality guns, learn how to properly maintain them, and especially to learn how and when to properly use them. Growing up with a cop dad, I learned of many incidents where criminals' guns did not work (cheap products or improperly maintained) or they did not know how to use them. If more of the criminal element of our society used quality products, maintained them, and knew how to use them properly, society would be in a world of hurt. We have been more fortunate than we realize...
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