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Auto Ordinance 1911

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I've got an Auto Ordinance 1911 .45 that I'm thinking of trading off for some archery equipment I need (don't worry, I'm keeping my Springfield). The AO jams and I've been told that it needs the proper barrel link installed. It's otherwise in good shape except for the blob of fluorescent paint a previous owner put on the front sight. With that in mind, does anyone have an idea what the pistol may be worth? I know it's quite difficult to guess with such a vague description.
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If it's an early Auto Ordinance, take what ever you can get for it and run!! I've heard nothing but bad about the AO before Kahr took over.
I have had an Auto Ordnance 1911 for almost a year now. I originally purchased it for $250 on consignment, even brand new ones only list for $400 or so, but they are no longer available in CA. As a general shooter it has performed well. With several modifications it is exceptional. Unfortunately to do this it costs just shy of the purchase price of a Kimber or a decked out Springfield. Kahr's taking over the company has proven to be a worthwhile move, however, their customer service is still terrible, which is why all of the parts in my AO are from Brownells! Good luck getting a deal on yours. Hopefully you can find someone like me who wanted a beater 1911!

With that in mind, does anyone have an idea what the pistol may be worth>>>>>>>>>>

Not much they're junk, I had one, take the money and run...


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I'd like to thank everyone for taking the time to answer my questions. I've got an appointment with an excellent smith on Friday so we'll see how much it will cost to get the piece running good, or at least running. If I remember right I purchased the pistol for $100 so hopefully I won't get hit too badly on it. Since I'm looking to trade it for a particular tool (plus a little bit more) I'm thinking that both the new owner and I can both come out happy with the deal.

Thanks again.
Double your money and try to get $200 out of it. Would make somebody a good project gun. I would make the buyer aware that it's not reliable though, but still worth $200 for parts or rebuild.
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