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I bought a b-square mount for a Remington 1903. It has a set of Lyman peep sights that are tack drivers at 100 yds, but I wanted to mount a scope, so I got the mounts. After putting them on I couldn't get
The scope to line up with the barrel so I had to take it to a smith anyway. He grinded a part that put the scope in line and then I took it to the range Wednesday. I used 150 gr, Federals and tried to sight it in. No luck. There are so many set screws that need to be exactly right that I could get them all set right and tight, It was a very frustrating outing. tighen one up and another would come loose. I've had it,,gonna have it drilled and tapped properly. Another $75 lesson,,cheap really. Do it right the first time and don't try to do it on the "cheap".
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