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I FINALLY got my Vortex Venom mounted to my Range Officer 9mm. I'd never shot an optic on a handgun, but my eyes said it was time.
Went to the range yesterday & had it all to myself. Sighted dot at 15yds benched then started to play offhand.
First thing I noticed was that the dot just magically dropped right back on target after recoil. Cool! So I stepped up the pace a bit.
I have never been able to fire this fast with any accuracy before.
Next I set 3 targets at various distances to try the transions. Again I was amazed how fast I found each target and was able to fire 2 rounds on each.

My only regret is that I only brought 200 rounds with me. I think with some more practice I can be competitive again, which is a great feeling.

So thanks to those who answered my previous posts full of questions. They helped. I went with the 6MOA dot.
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