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Baer uncatalogued options

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Just learned from Baer that:
1) Yes, you can order a 5" 1911 with NO front slide serrations, and there will be no extra charge; and
2) No, you cannot order your Commanche with a bobtail.

Inquiring minds....
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1961MJS said:
They also told me that they will change to an arched MSH, if you want one. Not in their catalog.
Back in February, I ordered my Baer Concept VII with an arched mainspring housing, a single side safety, and the tactical package. This might have added some time to the delivery date, but I got exactly what I ordered. It was definitely worth it.

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MEH92 said:
Les was happy to put the TRS safety and trigger in my Stinger for no extra charge.

I also requested the TRS safety and trigger when I ordered my Stinger a few weeks ago. I ordered through Sporting Arms and was told the same.., "no problem, no additional expense."

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