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I've always wanted one so I couldn't pass this up at a LGS near me. I paid $400.00 for it (not sure if that was too much or not). Just got it home and was wondering how to take it apart. From what I can see it looks pretty clean but would like to give it a cleaning. Kind of scared to shoot it (afraid something might break) but I'll run a mag or ten through it then hang it on the wall in my man cave. Any info from those more knowledgeable than I would be appreciated.
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Nice find. It should come a part just like a regular 1911, if I recall correctly. You can find all kinds of YouTube videos on disassembly of these pistols.
My personal opinion - those grips have to go. :). try and find original or repro on eBay or elsewhere.
I’d say the price was right for an actual military service pistol, and it is a unique twist on John Browning’s design!
I ordered a pair on ebay. I'm a little worried about grip screws as the lower one on the right side is allen head. Are they interchangeable with 1911 screws?
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Never mind I just ordered a set of screws from Liberty Tree Collectors. Iraqveteran8888 answered how to disassemble it which I am not going to attempt. o_O
Don't toss those grips!!! I believe they could be original.
Don't toss those grips!!! I believe they could be original.
I'll keep them. However I can't find any reference to them online. I just removed them and it appears they've been there for a long time but the bluing is worn off under them just like the rest of the pistol. If they had good bluing on front strap then I might agree.
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The grips are knockoffs of a Bianchi product, the star badge with Bianchi name left off.
Most Ballisters had wood grips with odd looking vertical serrations.

The Ballister action is like a Spanish Star fudged a bit to take the barrels and magazines on hand for Sistema 1927 Colt copies.
Could be. I have seen those grips on Ballisters before. Maybe it's the same gun!!! Haha!!!
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