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Bargain sources for Chip McCormick 10mm

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Best prices I have found are on the home site at $30. Anyone got a better source?

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Do not consider $30 each a bargain. Place an order with Metalform and order the minimum number to get the price break.

I already have a number of Metalforms. I am sorry I meant to post the subject with some question marks. I do not consider $30 a bargain either. I received 3 Chip McCormicks with my Gunsite pistol and the quality is evident was just hoping someone else had a cheaper source for the 10mm variety.
The Metalform 10mm mags work well. You can also use the Metalform, Wilson or McCormick .45 mags. I use all of the above in my .40 Kimber. I have not had any feed problems using an OAL of 1.200". The above mags have a longer release point than some of the other brands.
You might also try Tom at:

[email protected]



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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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