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I've never owned one of the compact Wilson guns, but I have owned two Kimber Compacts, which utilize the same bushingless barrel system. As used by Wilson and Kimber, this system requires the use of a full-length guide rod. In order to dissasemble the slide you must first lock the recoil spring/guide rod assembly into place using a small tool. In my opinion, this unnecessarily complicates take-down. I personally prefer the standard bushing and recoil spring system, as found on Commander-length 4.25" guns, as you can dismantle the slide without the need for additional tools. I've also become wary of any 1911 design with a slide group shorter than 4.25" as far as reliability is concerned. From my own experiences with two 4" Kimbers and a 4" Springfield Champion, they tend to be somewhat finicky. 50 years of the 4.25" Commander slide group has proven it to be as reliable as the original 5" 1911.

I almost bought a Stinger once and may still do so one day in the future. It's a great little package that sells for less than most other Les Baers or Wilsons. In my opinion it's a good buy.
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