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Why 1911 BBR is my carry choice.
If you are a 1950’s born person, chance’s are your father or another male figure in your young life is a Veteran of Greatest Generation who was part of the back to back World War Champion’s. Those guy’s if they didn’t personally own it they had a buddy they served with who owned one: 1911, M1 Grand, M1 Carbine, Thompson sub machine gun, and yes even that one buddy who had a BAR. You learned safety, function, clean before range and clean after. My brother’s and I, the 4 of us were in a house that had a 1911, 24/7 365, range time was a whole family and the above mentioned buddies event. So in 1976, I followed my brothers as they had followed our dad and uncle’s grandfather’s and tried my hand at military life… 2 of us boys ran the 20+ years uniform. So the weapon’s qualification at that time were M14, M16, 1911, 870…. Like nothing new 🤣. When the Navy finally started to transition to the M9 I was on a Mine Sweeper and we still had 1911’s, I didn’t qualify with a M9 until my last year in the Navy at MCB Camp Pendleton, along comes retirement and I find myself as a deputy sheriff on a small department of 27, 22 of us prior military, myself and one other deputy carry 1911’s, I became the RSO and assistant range master, at retirement from the department 21 were carrying 1911’s including the Sheriff himself.
So owning duty carry 2 built ESSEX framed 1911’s, then Springfield TRP 1911 duty carry, colt mustang.380 backup, colt 1911 in .38 super, the ESSEX’s became truck guns.
Changing magazines is second nature…. Until a trigger finger injury (glass door, cadaver tendon to fix it) the surgery left me with a non functional finger. Didn’t shoot for 4 years then decided get back in the saddle and relearn the fundamentals of trigger pulling, hours and hours of dry drills, frustration because of grip, middle finger becoming trigger finger, how to keep the index finger out of the slide, how to grip with ring and pinky fingers, fumbling with magazine changes. Then Armscor introduced the Rock Island 1911 BBR. hmm 10 in the magazine 1 in the chamber, well nothing ventured nothing gained. I can run my TRP comfortably and confident, but for a concealed carry it’s not practical. The BBR. has the best of what’s now after 50+ years of 1911 handling for me is perfect. Then hit the range and dry function meets real world, it needed:

1- magazine floor plate extension

2- Extended Grip safety
that’s mandatory!!! Web weld on my hand doesn’t engage it on the BBR. But no issue with the TRP. (Could not find one that fits so pined the grip safety)

3- extended slide stop. I’m unable to utilize my right thumb to operate it without releasing my grip and that disengages the grip safety.

4- ambidextrous safety

Into it 275 rounds

Problem’s solved, until the guide rod and recoil spring issue.
Contact EGW. and run the

150 rounds on the kit and the slide has contact wearing marks. EGW asked if I would send my BBR. in for R&D fit. Of course, looking at this forum a lot of you are thinking as I am, this weapon is going to be if ever needed what I will defend with, and not having to question reliability in that moment allowing me to focus on the situation at hand.
I will post when I receive it back and run it at the range.