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I have a Colt 1991 Compact and am interested in getting a new beavertail for it (you should see the web of my right hand). The gun is matte black and I would like to replace with the same color. I have been unable to find one in black, just blue and stainless. Anyone know where I might find a black one? I have searched high and low...

Thanks in advance...
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I fitted a Les Baer beavertail a couple weeks ago in a parkerized (very black) Ithaca 1911. The safety was billed as blue, and was, but it was so matte blue that I swear without looking close, you'd swear the entire gun was parked. It was a nice match. Of course, you'll need to cut the frame tangs to a .250 radius if they haven't already been cut.
PS- By compact, you mean a Commander model (4.25" bbl), correct? Not an Officers?
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