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Best .22 Revolver for Silhouette Competition

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Hello. I know nothing of this sport, but have been asked what the "best" or most-commonly used revolver for these rimfire matches might be.

If any of you are involved in this and would offer your views, it would be greatly

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I've only been to four competitions, all .22 rimfire only.

Have yet to see a revolver. There have been about three autoloaders, I think S&W Model 41, but no revolvers.

By far mostly Contenders. Me too, I only shoot a 10" octagon barrel Thompson-Center Contender.

What was the context of the question? If somebody is going to buy a gun to shoot this, I'd say don't get a revolver. If they already have a revolver, just go shoot whatever they have, don't be shy.
Hello. I'm not sure what the guy's motivation is, but I'll pass along your thoughts. I sure appreciate your taking the time to pass along your thoughts.

The only consistently competitive .22 revolver is the Freedom Arms, running about $1500.

The occasional Smith 617, Dan Wesson, or Ruger Single Six will work, but I have never seen one as accurate as a FA. I used a 617 one season, which after careful chamber mapping would shoot 3" at 100 yards, not really adequate for shoot-offs. And that was an exceptional 617.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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