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I do not like this modern hi shock fragment ammo. They do not provide enough penetration for winter clothes,or the ability to go through an arm than into the chest deep enough to break major arteries to cause instant incapation. But 68% of people drop after being shot for the reason they think they should.
The other32% will stand. The FBI used to let these accounts public, but since Clinton these videos are less public.
Its a new sell tactic, Our police will buy it and learn from faliure.
The hi shok theory I think is some people at rest will be over come with a shok to there body. Im not a doctor, but I have stidied the human body for about 30 years.That theory only works in text.
So ill stick with tried and true. FMJ.
P.S. If you shoot a person in the chest with Glasser safety slugs
There going to kill you,so empty the mag.
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