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What Jim said.

Too...many people use the orange safety trainers to induce FTF's. Have your range buddy load a couple of those in while your not looking, very good practice.

There is some debate whether it is better on a 1911 to rack from the rear or forward grasping grooves. I am still sticking w/ the rear, but other prefer the front.

Some people shoot left handed from the left barracade, and then Tap, rack , bang w/ the right hand. I found that this was just too goofy for me. So, if I now shoot left handed w/ right supporting (I am right handed), I will clear stoppages by switching the pistol back to my right hand, and then back again. Sounds too complex, but it works for me better than fumbling around the other way.

The real kicker is , of course , one handed drills. Unless you are a real serious operator, I would never do these except w/ an UNLOADED gun.
Behind cover, I would try for the heel of my boot to rack on.
In the open, run for cover, or at least move around, and use your gun belt or pant pocket to hook the rear sight (cocking the hammer first helps) You tap off your leg by the way. Just raise your knee high will you are running (I get more bruises that way
People who are good at this can clear a stoppage one handed while running, with amazing fluidity.

Lots of ideas out there. Have to see which ones work for you.
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