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Best IPSC 3-gun 12 gauge?

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Hi all:

I've been into IPSC for years, and have even shot a few IPSC rifle events with my AR. However, I've never tried IPSC 3-gun or any other shotgun action shooting and would like to.

I'm interested in either the ghost-ring sighted Benelli or Remington 11-87. A recent article in Front Sight has left me undecided on which way to go.

I don't want to mess around with a custom gun, I'll only be able to come up with enough cash for a sort of "one time" purchase, perhaps used.

Anyway, which of these two is best?



FWIW I use an 1100 now for my field gun.

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You may be surprised at how well you could do with your 1100 if you try it, especially if you have some idea where slugs hit relative to your sight picture.

You could do worse than to get a short 1100 barrel with rifle sights and be done with it.

While I have several custom combat shotguns, I get out a stock 20 gauge 870 youth model every now and then, and do just about as well with it.
You should seriuosly consider the ]winchester SX2
Absolutely go and shoot a match with your 1100 before you go buy something!

Also check out the newest Brownings, and Winchesters, someone recently did an interesting camparison, looking for the "fastest" IPSC shotgun. I can't remember which on-line magazine, either Gun Tests, or some other. Try a search on the www. for these terms.

I personally use my ex-police 870, gadgeted up.
I use my 24" vent rib, field grade Benelli w/ a 4-shot mag extention. I don't have special sights or a pistol grip stock. It works really well for me until I have to reload quickly. I am planning on getting a few speed loaders and installing the necessary hardware on the receiver.

There are tons of available accessories for the 1100 to turn you field gun into an IPSC gun. You should be able to find a mag extension fairly easily. If you wanted something other than the vent rib to look at, you could get an inexpensive scope mount and a red dot sight. Speed loaders are also available for the 1100. The nice thing about all of these add-ons is that they come off when hunting season rolls around.

If you want to buy a new shotgun for the specific purpose of shooting IPSC, the Benelli Practial is tough to beat. It comes with just about everything a gamer would want or need (oversized controls, ghost rings sights, scope mount, 11-shot capacity, speed loaders, 26" ported barrel, and a compensator). They are a sweet shooting shotgun. And, the price is about the same as a field grade Super Black Eagle.
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Originally posted by Dan in Alaska:
I use my 24" vent rib, field grade Benelli w/ a 4-shot mag extention.

How do you aim the darn thing? I shoot a Super Black Eagle.

If you want to buy a new shotgun for the specific purpose of shooting IPSC, the Benelli Practial is tough to beat.
And, the price is about the same as a field grade Super Black Eagle.
This dealer in CA asked something like $1800 or something for it. Bad deal? Would something like that be a practical shotgun or is it too big and better suited to IPSC?
Skunkabilly, I have never been required to shoot slugs in any shotgun matches I have been to. I shoot birdshot for steel and clay pigeon type targets, and I shoot buckshot at bowling pins. So, I do all my aiming the normal shotgun way...I point the gun and slap the trigger.

"Practical" is the model name of Benelli's IPSC race gun. An $1800 price tag sounds really high. My uncle bought one (NIB) for just over $1200 last year. The last time I noticed, I thought the SBE's were around that price too. I guess I haven't paid much attention to shotgun prices in the last year or so, and they could have gone up on me.
Hi there my choice is the Winchester SX2 practical and I have not been dispointed. Absoloutely the best auto loader shotgun I have ever owned.

I have seen the Winchester SX-2 Practical
favorably mentioned on other boards. Yet there is no listing of it on the Winchester
Website. Can you provide a few details:Cost, where you bought it, available accessories, and,in general,why you like the "Practical" as an IPSC gun? Thanks for your time.

Quite simply the SX2 Practical more or less has everything done already. It has all the mods done that you need to compete on a somewhat even basis in IPSC 3 gun extended magazine and rifle sight (the rear is folding) it has a scope rail . 9+1 shot, in short all the goodies. I purchased it from CDNN bear in mind the price I am listing is whole sale so you have to get some one order it for you. It was 789.99 wholesale. have a dealer you trust contact them and order you one. I love mine.
I shot a REM 11-87 for a while before graduating to the Benelli M1 PRACTICAL.

It really is meant for the job.

more pics; http://albums.photopoint.com/j/AlbumIndex?u=244108&a=10408020&f=0

postban out

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My latest issue of IPSC newsletter lists the 'Winchester/Browning listed above as the fastest autoloader out there. Faster even than the Bennelli.

"Even the most normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag and begin slitting throats"
I bought one of the new Winchester X2. So far it seems to work really well. I really want to run it through its paces before I say it is my new gun though. It holds 8+1,comes with a rail and the flip down sight is a really nice addition. It basically comes with every option you can legally put on a IPSC limited gun. My only complaint so far is,it dosen't seem to like any shells w/ 7/8 load. It is gas operated and you have to use a little heavier load to make it cycle. The recoil is extremely soft compared to my M1 super 90 (which has to be shot w/ HEAVY loads to work at all).
I bought 2 from a guy advertising them on the USPSA classifieds. He's selling them for $775 shipped.
I am using a Benelli and it runs with everything from Skeet loads to slugs. Although the SX2 is faster than a Benelli by.02, I am not worried about it. I would rather have a recoil-operated gun that will run 100% of the time, than a gas gun that runs 99%.

If your M-1 wont cycle with light ammo, get a Wolf reduced power recoil spring. That, combined with reduced recoil slugs/buck and the lighter ammo, makes for a great gun.

.12 splits are great if you are pounding down a popper or just testing primers, but a nice solid .14-15 transition between steel sounds more realistic to me. But, I have yet to see a 3-gun match with a boatload of steel set up close enough to warrant .12 splits.

AF Shooting Team
Tom, I have 2 Benelli's and have changed springs, on both guns. Tried every little trick known to man. Niether gun will run tactical loads reliably. I have contacted Benelli and got the "this gun was not meant for light loads" awnser. I had a Practical that would eat anything,except I'm not an open shooter. Around the 3-gun matches there has been long discussions about the Benelli,one gun will shoot light loads,next wont. I can't figure out what the story is. My first Benelli (1990)would shoot light loads but I sold it (Ya I know,never sell one that works).My shooting partner( who got me started on the Benelli),was shooting a match last year and his gun stopped shooting the tactical buck right in the middle of a match! He has 3000 rounds through the gun and always shot the light stuff,keeps his gun meticulous(sp?) and could find no reason. I am convinced that they are not meant to shoot the light stuff-per factory recomendations.
Even with the light loads in the Benelli,the X2 kicks its butt on recoil.
As far as the splits,thats not a concern of mine. I can't shoot that fast anyway. I to am wary of a gas gun. That is why I have said it isn't the replacemnet yet. I like to test new things and I'm trying to torture test the X2 into submission. In fact I think I'll head out to the range now.
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M1 super90 that doesnt feed?
Mine has probably 15 to 20 thousand rounds through it with ZERO malfunctions, rain, snow, desert heat, super light loads,real heavy loads,ect.ect. ZERO malfunctions. Not meticuliously maintained, Oiled a lot though.:confused:
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