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Best M40A1 copy?

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I'm planning on getting a precision rifle and have always wanted a M40A1 (guess I was a jarhead in a previous life). Who makes the best copy? Gardner, Texas Brigade Armory, someone else?
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Iron Brigade who makes the Chandler rifle. Quick warning however. We are talking about a $5700 rifle.
Does the Ed Brown come with the scope listed? If so, that would explain the $2900 price.

As for Chandler, it's great rifle, but no way can I justify $5K for a rifle.
I'd personally recommend you look at these two guys for a customized precision rifle:

George Gardner of Gardner Precision

Jerry Rice

These guys know how to make a precision rifle and have excellent reputations.

I also suggest a trip to Snipercountry for more info on a good rifle.

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Thanks, Mute. I'd been to Denny's Precision website and thought that was Gardner but wasn't sure.

As for Snipercountry, I've started to live there. I've learned a massive amount just going through the archives.
AWC makes an M40A2 "LEATHER NECK" as well.

I saw one listed for sale at www.impactguns.com for $2399.

AWC rifles are top notch, they are mostly known for their suppressed weapons systems.

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I can recomend George Gardner.He has done several projects for me.His work is top shelf.You'll also be shooting your new rifle before you're an old geezer.

If I get time I'll try to take some pics today.
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I'd spend 2.5K on a rifle ...... but I don't have 2.5K

I'd opt for something as accurate as an M40A1, but sporter weight. There are plenty of very accurate rifles that can had for less than 2.5K. I'd add a Steyr Scout to the ticket if I had 5K to spend though.
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I found a recent article in the Marine Corps Gazette that may be of interest to you, unless you are dead set on an M40A1 copy. It basically was a lengthy suggestion that the Corps should switch to a semi-auto sniper system similar to the SR-25 (I think is the designation) which is a tricked out
M-16 in 7.62. I believe the SEALs are using this weapon system currently. He also suggested a new round which I am unfamilar with (the Winchester Short Magnum 6.5mm).

The justification for semi-auto was the necessity for followup shots on misses and for multiple targets. Anyways, it was quite and interesting read (last month's Gazette I believe).

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Interesting that a 6.5 was brought up. I have often wondered why the military hasn't drawn up a contract for tender to develope a 6.5 to standardize all their guns on. NATO compatability aside, it would be, in my opinion, about the best overall cartidge and ideal for sniper use. Something like an enlarged 6mm PPC in proportion - overall length about the same as the 7.62.
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