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Best Mags

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I need to get some more mags for my milspec Springfield .45 and want to get some good ones. I have had no problems with the factory mag, but have some occasional failures to feed with military surplus mags. I want a few more, but don't want any feeding problems. Which ones are the best value?

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Wilson 8 rd.
I've had first hand experience with Wilson magazines not functioning in cold weather. Stick with Metalform mags.
I may a alone in this statement, but the only mags I have never once had a problem with is Wilson 7 rounders. The Wilson 8 rounders have given me enough problems (always on the 7th or final round)that they have been retired.

Those are the choices probably in quality order.

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I've had the best luck with the 7 round Metalform mags with the rounded follower and a Wolff extra power mag spring.

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Wilson 8 round magazines are the best. BILLG
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