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Best prices for .45 ammo

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Who has the best prices on either Winchester Q4170 or American Eagle ammo?
I've been buying the Winchester for $10/box at Galyans.
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I haven't found anyone cheaper than galyans for winchester ammo. One of the galyans nearby gave me a 10% discount when i bought a case, I don't think that's store policy though, if you have someone you deal with often ask them about it.
Same here... Wal-Mart can't even beat that price, and that's a rare occasion with ammo. Too bad the Galyan's closest to my office always seems to be out of .45 Auto.
those are pretty good prices. The wal-marts around here don't sell rifles or ammo. I just buy in bulk online. If i was in any of your areas I'd go with those prices.
I went to Galyan's of the weekend and bought 4 boxes of Winchester Q4170. They store had a sign on lowered prices of select Winchester ammo. Regular price was $11.99 lowered down to $9.99.
Out of curiosity, I asked the salesman if the store had a discounted price if I would of bought 10 boxes or more or bought a whole case, but he said that the store didn't have further disounts on the Winchester ammo since the price per box was already discounted 17% from normal price.
He did say that the store had discounted prices on shotshells if bought in 10 boxes or more.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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