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Best prices on 'MetalForm' mags?

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Who has them? I prefer the 7-shot models with the rounded 'Ed Brown'-type follower. TIA
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Gil Hebard is far and away the least expensive, less than Brownells wholesale, less than Metalform themselves for any order less than ten mags.
Got a URL or phone number handy? I bought my last ones at the Birmingham Gun Show last fall from an 'old' 1911 'smithy. Blued, with rounded followers AND basepad...$11/each NEW. SUPER reliable mags.
Gil Hebard (309)289-2700
Metalform blue .45 with round follower $12, pads 6/$6.50.
When I got the current #44 catalog it had an insert "10% complimentary discount to our retail customers." (For orders over $25) Shipping included but add $2 per order.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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