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Best prices on Wilson 47D mags?

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I need some more mags. Who currently has the
best price on Wilson 47D magazines? TIA
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IMO, if you are dead-set on 8-round magazines, I would buy one or two of these 8 rounders and do some extended shooting with them. If your gun is 100% reliable with the 8-round mags with all the ammo types that you will shoot, then you could order some more of them.

I have seen problems with the 8-round magazines.
Please read through this thread to get some more information: http://www.1911forum.com/ubb/Forum9/HTML/000324.html

Good luck, and let us know how the 8-rounders work in your gun.

Mark IV,
Thanks for the link. I am aware of the 7 rd.
versus 8 rd. controversy. I personally have
never had any problems with 8 rd. magazines.
I have both 8 rd. Shooting Stars and Wilson
47D mags. I could use 4 more of the 47D's.
Still looking for the best price on the Wil-
Natchez has a sale price right now that is $22 and change for the 8rd Wilson. I ordered 4 and including shipping, ran $25 each. That is about the same price I have gotten at gun shows, BEFORE SALES TAX.
Mark IV,
Thanks for the link to Natchez Shooters Sup-
ply. Unfortunately, they don't sell to resi-
dents of Tennessee, Georgia, or Alabama. Go
figure. So I ordered some mags from Jersey
City Armory at $24 each.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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