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I had been looking around quite a bit for a good gun belt. Due to my size, I was likely going to have to have one made,,,and I figured that would mean $$$$$.

At a recent match I competed in, I was using a cheap-o Nylon belt and borrowed gun gear. I noticed my friend was using a rather unique belt that worked really well. Come to find out it was one he made himself,,,so I got an idea.

My Dad works for a utility company and they recently changed the safety belts they use for their work on power poles,,,etc. Since the old style ones lacked a safety feature they must now utilize.

Since, they were supposed to trash the old belts, Dad grabbed one that hadn't been used for me, and man it is nice!!!!!

The thing is perfect,,,,,out of the box they're about nine feet long,,,,double thick leather (about 3/8" with both layers) and 2" wide.

Did I not mention,,,,I'm a pretty big guy. About 6'3" 300+ Lbs, so finding good belts isn't easy or cheap usually.

Anyway, I cut the belt down to about 6 feet,,,plenty room to grow, even for me.
and heaven forbid I should lose a little weight, I can put more holes in the thing. All it needs now is to be re-stitched, where I cut it down, and away I go, with a freebie!!!

As heavy and stiff as it is, I'm sure it will be a long time before I'll be looking for another belt.

Any other freebie stories???
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