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You're making this one WAY tougher than it is! Relax Thad !!!

The sole purpose of the pointing finger is to "aim" the mag into the gun. If your pointer finger is outstretched along the length of the mag tube, you have a better idea how your mag is oriented. Your body and brain are pretty good at knowing which way your finger is pointed. That will help in seating the mag with the correct orientation to the mag well. As you are seating the mag, take your finger off the tube and allow the grip to slide underneath this finger as the mag is pushed home. This too helps your brain to keep the mag from going in cocked in one direction or the other.

You should always carry your mags with the bullets facing forwards (towards your belt buckle). When you grab the mags with your weak hand properly, they will be in the correct position the seat them in the right direction. Practice this! It's easier done than said.

You want to bring your gun up to just below eye level when changing mags. This allows you to see both the threat and the gun when you need to change mags. Practice bringing the mag UP to the gun, not the gun down to the mag.

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