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I guess I gotta be different I carry my mags bullets pointing back. Now before everybody and thier mother flames me on this hear me out. to explain put your rig on.
Next put an empty mag in your mag pouch pointing backwards hold your gun in your strong {shooting} hand
and go for your mag with your thumb along the spine of the mag with the palm of your hand on the bottom of the mag as your thumb contacts the MSH of the pistol the mag will be entering the mag well. then push up your hand through to seat the mag and complete the the 2 hand grip.
the reason I reload this way is simple, under stress the turning of the hand to point the mag they way you fellas do it may become a bit shakey. pulling the mag out of the pouch they way I do it is a natural motion with no twisting of the wrist, therfore there is no other motion added to the reloading cycle which can under stress cause you to stick your finger in the mag well along with the mag {ouch!}.

In the 3 gun combat shoots I am involved with sometimes the string of fire can be over 40-60 rounds and with 8 round mags in my 1911 that is alot of reloading I might reload 13 times during a course of fire so any wasted motion on my part costs me time to get back on target.
This method has worked for me and has a natural feel to it.

All I'm saying is try it and see how fast you get back on target.
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