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Under stress, with proper tactics (look at the threat or look at what you are doing?)....

I understand how to index a mag by running my index finger up the front of the mag, but I am not clear on the best way to guide it into the mag well and what exactly to touch with my index fingertip.

First of all, I assume I shold be feeling for the tip of my hollowpoint to orient the magazine in my hand. Once I orient the magazine in my hand and am going to guide the mag up to the magwell, should I keep my finger on the tip of the bullet, or what?

I can think of a number of ways of what to do at this point. Keeping in mind that under stress the details may blur.

What exactly do I feel for with the point of my index finger, when guiding the mag up to the mag well?

Should I stick my finger INTO the mag well, then draw it, rubbing the back of my finger along the inside of the mag well, then pull the finger out and slide the mag in? (kinda like how a "samurai" indexs a sword, then sheaths it?).
Or, should I just touch the front of the mag well with the tip of my index finger and slide the mag in?

I seem to fumble a little when trying to get the mag lined up and into the mag well, so I am looking for ways to make my aim better and faster.

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