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BHP in .40 S&W - Experience???

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I've had two High Powers.

The first was a Belgian made 1950's vintage which had been modified by King's (added a S&W adjustable sight) in Pasadena for it's original owner, an LA LEO.

The LEO sold it to a gun shop long after he retired and tha's when I got it. He was barely out the door when I bought it.

I loved the pistol and had it until I let my youngest daughter try it and she refused to give it back. It replaced her S&W Model 19 as her carry gun.

My second HP was one of the first ones in .40 S&W. While it shot well, the recoil spring was kinked into an "S" shape and was always hard to install. It looked like a reliabilty problem waiting to happen. I also didn't care much for the plain black finish on that HP so I sold it.

What has your experience been with HP's in .40 S&W? Has Browning ever addressed to recoil spring kinking or is it a non-issue?

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Hello. I've owned but one HP in forty, a standard MkIII. The gun shot well with loads it "liked," but would really show said preferences in that what it "liked" would group very well and what it didn't, looked more like a shotgun pattern than a group!

The spring question you asked was never an issue with this gun; it ran reliabily in that regard.

Two friend have a couple of forty HPs and they've had utterly no problems whatsoever with the guns.

Thanks! I like the HP and .40 S&W so maybe I'll give them both another try.
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