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SDDAVE said:
Hi everyone, I got a question or two here. Im getting a Springfield M1A Loaded for Christmas. I want to put a Harris Bipod on it, and eventually a Leupold Scope.
Which Bipod would you recomend for prone/bench rest?
Harris BRMS series "S" it has a swivel head, notched legs, & extends 6"-9", its great for prone & bench shooting.

Do I need any kind of mounting kit/adaptor? You will need a standard front sling swivel installed or the universal adapter. The universal adapters that I have seen clamp to the barrel. I'd recommend the sling swivel or mounting a small piccany rail to the udder side of the stock & mounting the bipod to it.

Finally who has the best prices on Harris Bipods? SWFA riflescopes.com they have a 110% price match gaurntee.

Congrats on the new rifle, you will love the M1A platform.

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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