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So far I have not been able to find a place locally that rents PO 1911s, but I'm still looking. I really like the finish of the Black Watch models, but once I find a place that rents the POs they may not have an actual Black Watch available to rent. What other Para models would shoot the same?

Additionally, the Companion is designed for concealment, but since I plan to carry both concealled and open (depending on the situation) I want to consider the SSP as well. Can the larger SSP model still be easily concealled?

I'm not a thin guy by any stretch of the word, so that is a concern as well.

So far the only 1911s I have shot are the Kimber Ultra Carry II and the SA MilSpec Micro. They both shot well, but I liked the Kimber better. The Para LDAs came highly recommended to me by a friend so I'd like to try them.

All thoughts, comments, reviews and feedback are greatly appreciated.

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The SSP is a full sided "Government Model" 5" barrelled pistol with the LDA trigger and weighs a good 1/2 pound more than the 3-1/2" bbl Black Watch Companion. SSP uses full sized magazines, BWC uses Officer ACP magazines as it has a shorter frame.

Frame size is more important in concealed carry than barrel length. Inside the Waste Band (ISWB) holster had the barrel inside your pants and an extra inch or two makes no difference. It's quicker to get a short barrelled pistol out of the holster for most folks tough.

LDA is LDA and either pistol will shoot the same on the range. These will shoot differently than a double-stack though.

I've carried Commander/LTC sized pistols for so long the Government Model seems too big and cumbersome, plus a near 40oz empty weight is rather daunting at times.

I'm holding out for the Titanium framed single stack 3" LDA version! :p

-- Chuck
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