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Blem Tisas M1911/A1 .45ACP ran 100 rounds flawlessly

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I’m the new owner of a Tisas 1911 from SDS imports. This is my 1st 1911. I bought the blem model 1911/A1 in .45 and paid $319.99 free shipping. I’m impressed.. are other people too? Also - I can’t find the blemish.
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The "blemish" would be the slide and frame colors not quite matching.
Didn’t know this!!
nice, i have the Service Model because that's what was available in town. i liked the Army Model better as far as looks, but they work the same so. i might order an Arched Main Spring housing for mine, just to try. need to finf some Wood Grips too...
Yeah - a few things I want to do to mine as well!
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I have been looking about buying one of these just because it is such a good deal.
I am extremely pleased with my purchase
Not only a great alternative but these are likely to be better made than the originals.
One of the tags of this post is “cheap 1911” but it is better described as inexpensive. Doesn’t feel cheap at all.
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