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blending S&A magwell to frame and checker...?

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Looking for a good gunsmith that can blend magwell (S&A) to the frame of my Stainless Target Kimber and checker front strap with 20lpi. I really like the magwell job that is done by Blindhogg Gunsmithing. It can be seen at www.blindhogg.com However he is unable to take anymore work on for several months. Please contact or leave reply if you know of or you can do the same quality craftmanship.

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Contact Mike O'Hara.

[email protected]

He did an *AWESOME* job on my Springfield Milspec and S&A magwell. The blending is very, very nice.

You should know that the S&A is cast, to include the checkering. The checkering as it comes isn't quite *perfect*. Mike went over the checkering to improve it.

He can talk to you about the frontstrap checkering, which on my gun, was done by Pete Single. ****SIMPLY FLAWLESS JOB****. The absolute best.

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