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Originally posted by Raven P14:Recently I had my P14 fitted with a bo-mar sight and our local gunsmith said that the firing pin plunger would have to go and that 99.9% of all Para-Ords fitted with Bo-mar1 adjustable sight, their firing pin plunger would be of no use. My question is, is this true? If I insist on putting back the plunger how can I remedy the problem.
By having the slide machined to accept the Bomar sight, you will end up exposing the top side of the hole in the slide, where the firing pin plunger moves. You will have opened up this hole, making the plunger inoperable. If you put the plunger back in, chances are it will not function as intended - or at all.

It is my understanding that the LPA cut is NOT interchangeable with the Bomar cut. Your gunsmith is right - you will not be able to use the plunger, which means you will have to delete the series 80 levers, and add a "shim" to take the place of the upper lever.

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