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I am thinking about have a low mount set of Bomar sites installed on my Springfield mil spec 1911 but I have a couple of concerns. I have been told that a low mount will require my replacing the stock hammer with a commander style hammer. Also, the new hammer will require the installation of a new beavertail grip safety. Is all of that required when installing low mount Bomars? Would the same be true if I went with Heinie sites?

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I may be wrong but I don't believe you need a Commander hammer with a Bomar lo mount.And even if you did you would not need a beavertail grip safety.However if you wanted the beavertail you would need the commander hammer.
You do not need a hammer or beaver tail. A Bo-Mar will fit in your existing dove-tail but the low mount is much nicer. The firing pin stop has to be cut down but everything stays the same. You need a smith that knows how to do the cut and to melt them. The melt is not an extra with me, but I don't do that stuff anymore. Call the Action Works @ 928-636-1691 and tell Don the Eagle sent you
You may have to cut the head of the spur hammer down (flatten and re radius slightly)
as they do sometimes hit a lo melt Bomar blade. As mentioned they firing pin stop will need to be trimmed also. Melting is also a good idea as the bomars come glossy also a matt finish is a good side benafit.

If you do Opt for a commander hammer
(clearly you do not need one) you can get your grip safety relieved for the commander hammer and not use a beavertail.
geo ><>

And Don would be a good choice.
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