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bought new colt 1991a1-matte finish

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changed the mainspring housing with a flared steel(usgi)and changed trigger with steel(usgi)had the sights drilled and colored(3 dot)and thinking about adding a combat style hammer(value series from wilson combat)also replaced the grips with packmeyer wrap around(plastic colt grips broke after i fired hollowpoints)gun shoots very accurate,feeds everything including hollowpoints.what could be added to speed it up at a reasonable cost?
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Sounds like you've got it covered. You've addressed the sights and the grip shape to your satisfaction; it's accurate; it feeds everything; what else is there? The new hammer won't do much for you without corresponding work on the sear, and you'll also need a new or modified grip safety to accommodate it. You might want to spring for a complete trigger job, but you don't mention the trigger as a sore spot. Shoot it a lot, and enjoy.

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thanks,just seems to hesitate at each tap.thought a lighter hammer would speed things up a bit.also, my plunger tube has worked itself loose,any recommendations? i dont want to asend it back to colt(hate paying that ridiculous next day shipping and waiting forever)i know a good smith-restake it or put something else in there?
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