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Bought the Z3

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thanks for the suggestions all. i went in and looked at them both and decided that the difference in size between the 2 and 3 battery lights was negligible, much like the difference between an officers/govt 1911. anyways got it home and waited for nightfall. scanned it around my back yard and whoa!
this thing is bright! i could read something off my backfence about 50ft from my back porch.
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mus, are you putting this on a 1911? I have a 4" Pro-Carry and I'm wondering if this would work well with it's mount?
no this is just a handlight. i had thought about weapon mounted lights but various people pointed out that that required me to point a gun at what i was wanting to see clearly. which is not good.
Isn't that what the trigger is for?

j/k, I know what you mean. A glock buddy tried to get me to buy a $200 light+mount for my Glock 22. It would be a nice toy, but not for $200. Plus, I only carry my 1911 now. The G22 is on the heavy side. Then you have to buy the special holster... <sigh>
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Ditto the holster concern on weapon lights. I haven't found a holster that will fit my HK with a weapon light yet. Then again, thats my home defense gun, and it doesnt need a holster for that duty.

-Electric Armadillo-
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