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Sending it to Ted Yost at Gunsite.....

The Entire Gun:
Carry level dehorn.

The Frontstrap:
checker to 30 lpi

The Thumb Safety:
Install narrow, extended Stainless thumb safety--your choice of part.

The Trigger:
Install videcki short al. trigger and add crisp 4-4 1/2 lb. trigger pull

The Mainspring Housing:
install flat stainless mainspring housing to replace plastic stock one.

The Hammer:
Modified by high cutting the rear radius of the lower side of the hammer, in addition to bobbing, or shortening the spur to eliminate the possibility of hammer bite. The hammer is dehorned to keep it from hanging up under clothing.

The Gripsafety:
In accordance with Colonel Cooper's specifications, the gripsafety is not a beavertail design, but an adaptation of the original, blended into the frame to provide the smoothest, most compact shape possible.
The wide profile helps spread the recoil over the largest area of the web of the shooter's hand possible.

The Sights:
Are Novak low mounts, with red front sight inserts.

The Magazine Well:
Is gently beveled, only enough to ease the flat-to-flat contact of magazine to the rear
of the well.

The Gunsite Mark:
The Gunsite Raven will be added to the right rear of the slide.

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Inspired by the Cooper 80? I'm doing pretty much the same thing to my '91A1, except substituting serrations for checkering on the front strap, and Heinie sights. Let us know how it turns out.
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