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Breech flaw/issue on a .45 Tisas 1911...

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This is the new A1 Service Special 5". So when I went to fit a new extractor, I got that part set up and in spec. But when looking at closeups I noticed a flaw. The cartridge was not seating completely after I dialed the extractor in and got the hook off the case. The issue is obvious. There is a high spot or something that holds the rim of the cartridge from seating completely on the left side of the breech. You can see the witness marks and the height at which the cartridge sits. You cannot push it completely flat to the breech. The pistol shot fine but was a bit erratic on ejection, but never failed to feed or eject jhp or ball ammo.

So I need to fix that LOL. It's a tight spot, suggestions on how to cut that flaw down?

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