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Organizer Greg Kennedy tells me that there are still plenty of slots open for this match. It will be held at the Centerline Gun Club in Michigan on 6/9/2001. The proceeds benefit Brian's Mom.

Let's read between the lines here, folks. The sign-ups so far have been low. Let's remember that the match is a BENEFIT shoot. You can sign up and pay your match fee EVEN IF you can't make it to the match (if you do that, you'll probably still outshoot ME...fewer penalties, y'know ). Seriously, if you want to get signed up, NOW is the time to do it. Find out all you need to know at...


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This is a match I really want to get to. I have talked to Greg about it, but it looks like I will not be able to make it. For those in the MI, OH, and IN states, please go if you can. It is for a good cause.


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