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As I posted before, sent my CBOB to Bruce Gray, mostly to let them assess it and to see what they thought of Dan Wesson products.

First, they love Dan Wesson products. There was already one in the shop before mine arrived. They mentioned the quality of the product a lot and let me know upfront that a Dan Wesson probably didn't need much work.

For those that don't know Bruce Gray, and I didn't, it was said on te Internet that he has a cult following among Sig owners. He shot for Sig and H&K at one time.

Checking his web site, you also see that he does work on 1911's.

Here's what stood out about my experience. Originally, I shipped an HK but wanted it back as soon as it arrived because I discovered the Dan Wesson CBOB (it should stand for really attractive gun). They shipped my HK back immediately and said they'd put the shipping charge on the next invoice-although I hardly knew them.

Did the same when they shipped my CBOB back. They wanted me to get the gun before the weekend. How often does that happen?

In several conversations with Bruce and Roy, I got an education on the 1911, HK's, Sig, shooting and gun smithing. Talk about added value. It was worth more to me than what they did on my gun.

The alternative that I mentioned is this. Since some posters were asking about forged vs. cast frames and bemoaning the fact that forged frames ment an unwanted by them price jump, I can suggest an alternative.

My CBOB is a cast frame. There was a slight sideways wobble to the trigger. Problem, and this might be because of the cast frame that the mortice (hope it is the right word) is large and even an over-sized trigger fit in the space easily. In short, they installed a new trigger that is even crisper than my new Valor and the Valor's trigger is excellant.

The Ed Brown checkered main spring housing took a little fitting and they improvedslightly the fit of the beaver tail and blended it together.

As I'd had a problem with the night sights because the metal surrounding the glow in the dark inserts reflected the overhead light in the range, the popped in some Novak sights that they had hanging around.

As an alternative to a Valor bob tail, you could by an old one and send it to Burce Gray or Keith for that matter and get a little trigger work done. Some will need more and some less, but it will make your trigger as crisp and fit as tight as any on the new forged frames. It might be an option for some.

Love my Dan Wesson CBOB. It was an outstanding value and just fine out of the box. Returned from Bruce Gray, my CBOB trigger will compare nicely with my forged frame Valor or Wilson CQB.

You can't make your cast frame a forged frame but you can sure make your trigger as good as any in a forged frame for a very reasonable price.

No disrespect to Keith, Sarge or any gunsmith on the board. But, Bruce Gray does excellant work, has very good prices, and is more than helpful.

Have already been told by them that Valors probably don't need any trigger work.

After shooting it, I can't imagine that my Valor needs any work (except maybe for a 10-8 sight) but I'm truly tempted to send it to Bruce to let him shoot just to hear what he thinks and to see what he could do with it, if anything.

To mix metaphors, Bruce Gray is another arrow in your quiver and an alternative if you wish to improve your CBOB to state of the art.

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That's high praise

Bruce is a real crown jewel in the gunworld. If DW gets high praise from them it is high praise indeed. He has a P229 he is working on for me. He and all his staff are just "good people".

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Yup, GGI does great work. Just dont mention their "Super Black" treatment around here.. Dave starts wavin the ban stick!:eek::biglaugh:

JK.. I dont have personal experience with either treatment, but they sound similar...
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