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Bruen and New Jersey

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Went to the latest Nappen seminar tonight. Official title of it was, "Supreme Court, NYSRPA v. Bruen: How It Impacts Your State's Gun Laws". I'll give you the bad news first. NJ is bent on taking liberties with the most extreme gun laws in the nation. Some state goes off the deep end, Murphy thinks it's his job to top it. So tomorrow, Thursday, October 13 he will hold a news conference at noon to expand carry restrictions. Details are not fully available yet. ANJRPC will have them on their site later in the day. Here's what I have:

More "sensitive" places.
No carry on property you don't own without the property owner's expressed permission. Private or commercial.
Changes to application process.
Hefty, and I mean really hefty, fee increase.
Insurance and proof of insurance.
No carry in a vehicle.
Training requirements increased.

That's all I know right now about that. There will be immediate legal challenges as soon as these are inacted. Justice Thomas in his majority opinion called 2A restrictions civil rights violations. That's a federal crime. Government individuals can be held responsible for civil rights violations. Even judges. That's all about that until the news conference. They are trying to create obstacles to nullify Bruen. There are other things that came up. I'll post them later. Let this soak in.
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Go figure, I never use a retaining strap on a holster...I just got a awesome Jason Winnei pancake holster, if that part of the laws sticks I'll have to send it back for Jason to put a strap on it...Nutz!
You have good taste in holsters.
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This part is worth mentioning;


I hope it's not passed, but if so they HAVE to pay. They know right now that it is not constitutional and the court in NY already threw out a similar bill but they are going to proceed anyway.
What do they care? It's not THEIR money they will have to pay, it's yours. :mad:
They don't have anything solid to back them up so they'll try anything to put off the inevitable.
They're like little children with a temper tantrum, they don't like the answer "No" to their petty desires..
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Congrats ca!
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Thanks my Friends! It is a good feeling after all this time.

Hey, I have Dan's chart AARP put out a while back showing what has been blocked vs not blocked as far as the restrictions, in fact when i picked up the permit the Nice Laddy at the front desk said the cops heads are spinning they have little clue what is in the law vs out at this point so I sent Kim the link.

But as far as having to inform a cop we are carrying if I am stopped in my car, do we have the duty to inform at this time? (it is not shown either way in Dan's chart).

Why not ask ANJRPC, they (if anyone) should know.
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That was an excellent read Wildbob, thanks for posting the link.
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So if I rent or lease in NJ, the landlord dictates my 2A rights while I live "at home"? Wow, that seems a bit wonky, no?
NJ has always been more than "a bit" wonky when it comes to privately owned firearms. ;)
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I did. On GFH’s podcast today, Wa wasn't mentioned by Anthony. Obviously, doesn’t mean nothing is being done to fight the mania there. But outlawing all semi autos??? Jeez..
Last I saw, 2A Foundation was suing and asking for an injunction on it. In process, but the State of Wa. will try to tie it up (the suit) in courts for as long as they can.
Can an armed civilian enter a post office to conduct normal business? Or does it fall under a ‘government building’ category?
Against FEDERAL law, so, no. Even in the parking lot (anywhere on post office property).
There's no wins on this NJ case. None. A few "minor" items stuck, and the rest is TBD. What's the win in taking back 2A rights that were illegally stolen from The People?
The case is NOT settled yet, judge Bumb issued a TRO that goes until the case is determined - you're being unnecessarily argumentative.
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Perhaps. But can you tell me what the final outcomes might be, given what's not in the TRO and what may still stick after TRO is lifted. In general terms, etc. ;)
Nobody knows what the final outcome will be, what things will be stricken in the final case and what will not be stricken. All speculation until then.
I'm not sure about it. I never saw that mentioned, either. Same thing if you go to a post office. Like I mentioned, I'm not sure but I don't think you can put it in the glove box or console. I think what you have to do is unload it and put it in the trunk or a locked case. I think, don't know. Good question for the ANJRPC lawyer free question.
The Post Office is forbidden to have a gun anywhere on the property (including the parking lot) according to Federal law.
I know but what do you do with your carry when you go in?
For me, I park along the street adjoining the post office so I can lock it in the vehicle safe (I live in a semi-rural area so there is spacce to do that - not everyone has that option though). I go to the post office maybe twice a year; I get stamps at the grocery store (they can be had online as well from USPS.gov), and most of my packages go UPS or FedEx.
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Not that it would ever change, but I do think post offices should be exempt. Post offices are more of a retail store in many senses vs court houses, political government town halls,etc.
I would presume that judges, lawyers and off duty LE are exempt.

About 28 years ago, there was a shooting at a local post office in NJ, by the disgruntled postal worker that used to work there. I lived in the town at the time. 5 shot, 4 killed. Maybe, if people were armed, it could have spared some. Same old story I guess, I know…
I think there was a "rash" of the post office shootings that happened about 30 -35 years ago, hence the term "going postal". I think that is when Congress passed the law no guns on post office property. I agree with you that maybe if the postal employees were carrying there wouldn't have been such casualties, but politicians (even back then) didn't think that way. Sad indeed.
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