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Bruen and New Jersey

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Went to the latest Nappen seminar tonight. Official title of it was, "Supreme Court, NYSRPA v. Bruen: How It Impacts Your State's Gun Laws". I'll give you the bad news first. NJ is bent on taking liberties with the most extreme gun laws in the nation. Some state goes off the deep end, Murphy thinks it's his job to top it. So tomorrow, Thursday, October 13 he will hold a news conference at noon to expand carry restrictions. Details are not fully available yet. ANJRPC will have them on their site later in the day. Here's what I have:

More "sensitive" places.
No carry on property you don't own without the property owner's expressed permission. Private or commercial.
Changes to application process.
Hefty, and I mean really hefty, fee increase.
Insurance and proof of insurance.
No carry in a vehicle.
Training requirements increased.

That's all I know right now about that. There will be immediate legal challenges as soon as these are inacted. Justice Thomas in his majority opinion called 2A restrictions civil rights violations. That's a federal crime. Government individuals can be held responsible for civil rights violations. Even judges. That's all about that until the news conference. They are trying to create obstacles to nullify Bruen. There are other things that came up. I'll post them later. Let this soak in.
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Until NRA and GoA and other orgs unite to fight the BS, the wheel of BS will just keep churning.
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The minority comes off as timid...While they are at it, they need to beef up on their debating skills, and the Constitution.

My goodness, any time Lefty askes for a "counter" proposal, the righty has no answer.
It's why 2A needs the united power of NRA GoA others, to debate at meetings and stuff, fight unconstitutional laws in the courts, etc etc.

You can go back to my posts starting in 2007, unless 2A unites the wheel of BS will keep churning.
Like the letter says; they aren't going to abide by the law. It has to be challenged in court.
This is a dummykrat playbook tactic. Make rules and laws they know can't stand, and then wait for the courts to decide.
There should be some sort of penalty for doing this.

Very effective tactic btw.
October 24, 2022. On Thursday, October 27, legislation killing right to carry (A4769/S3214) is scheduled to move in two places: (1) in the Senate Law and Public Safety Committee at 10:00 a.m.; and (2) in the full Assembly voting session that begins at 2:00 p.m. The legislation is a thinly-veiled attempt to blatantly circumvent the U.S. Supreme Court’s ground-breaking Bruen decision and to utterly destroy right to carry in the Garden State.
So, is NRA and/or GoA (or any group or person) standing by to file injunction lawsuits?
This is a Good Guy....

Bergen, Asm. D.O. <[email protected]>
To:joe m

Mon, Oct 24 at 2:13 PM

Assemblyman Brian Bergen is prepared for whatever action the liberal left may take against our constitutional protected right to bear arms. He is a life member of the NRA, West Point Graduate and Army Combat Veteran and he is ready to speak out on the floor of the Assembly to defend the rights of the people.
What does that mean? If the lefties vote for and pass something unconstititional, what actions will Bergen take? Lawsuits? Something other?

Speaking out on the floor does what exactly?
They amended the bill today to let RPOs carry.
Does that include LEOSA, or is this RPO just a NJ thing?
You knew that was coming. Are they exempt on the mag capacity also? I can’t keep track…lol.
Isn't the exemption basis for discrimination lawsuit? You can carry, I can't. You can have 15rnd mag, I can't. ??

Why would the dumbs of NJ think a RPO is any better than a normal NJ resident?

This BS has to stop.
Post #142.

It's why you let dummies craft their crap w/o the smart folks giving any feedback. This allows the dummies to craft stuff that can be easily challenged in the courts.

It's why I say, don't give feedback to ATF when then open it up for public comment. Let the ATF dums craft their crap on their own, so it's more easily challenged later.
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Legislators made a colossal blunder in the new bill by banning all “weapons” in sensitive places
I still find this baffling.

Objects are not weapons, they need to be used as a weapon....... to be a weapon.

A car is a car, until it's used as a weapon to mow down some kids.
@Wildbob - Ahhhh, the world has very few thinkers these days.
Right. it's user's intent, not the item.
I not even sure its that.

I intend to run some people over with my car today, but never run over anyone. Crime or not? Weapon or not? "intent" is like "RvW was a constitutional right taken away", etc.
I think you missed what I was getting at. Who exactly is determining my intent?

If I tried to mow people down and missed, that's intent by evidence. If I have a 1911 in my left pocket, do I have intent to kill, or am I just carrying a firearm?

The "intent" argument w/o hard evidence is nonsense.
For example, an AR is not American Sporting Rifle, it is a Weapon of war according to them
Well, with the new Sig Spear, the "AR" narrative perhaps gets changed a bit? Or, the lefties apply the "AR" narrative to the Sig Fury.

The AR is so old and outdated, it's a rifle of the past, and being left behind, no longer a weapon of war, etc.
Off topic for us in NJ, But I found this interesting.
I was talking earlier today with some colleagues about the debates last night and NY gov Hochul once had an NRA endorsement…go figure?

Lee Zeldin could get 90% of the vote, and still lose, that's how corrupt NY is.
I thought the 60 days pertained to the police approval and the judge wasn't on the clock.
In the rules/laws, does it not clearly state limitations on times to handle the paperwork?
Today's committee amendments are not yet publicly available, but our sources report that they include a change that would address the ban on "weapons" generally (not just "firearms") that ANJRPC brought to light in yesterday's alert.
So I wonder. Would it just be better to be silent on the matter, let the dummies in NJ pass their crap (as it were, banning everything), and then later file lawsuits to block the whole thing?

It seems the expert feedback being giving is allowing the dummies in NJ gov to fine tune their crap to be better court-proof. Why help them fix their mistakes?

This is exactly the tactic I say we all must do when ATF dums ask for public input. Don't give them anything, because if they craft their crap on their own it's likely gonna be very goofy and easy to strike down in court.
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A Fox report this morning stated that 60% of new gun permit filings are first time gun owners.
The reason was people want to feel safer and don’t like the rises in crime. So when these legislators and gun control groups say 3214/4769 is for public safety, That’s not the way the public views it.
That 60%, are very late to the game. ;)
What’s the cliche’, better late then never…:rolleyes:. It’s opening people’s eye’s
Agreed,....................... but that painting on the wall was completed a long time ago.
And didn't two cops get shot today in Newark by man on the run with a rifle?
I dign’t hear that, but anything is possible.

got it,
The black guy perp was just arrested.
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